August 2021

Tena koutou katoa,

We hope that you are all well and not feeling too stressed by the lockdown. We know this time isn’t easy.

At Happy Horizons we have taken the opportunity to get our gardens ready for spring and summer. I feel that I am ahead of myself; this is rare in terms of keeping on top of the garden!

We have herb seedlings in the ground and more almost ready to be transplanted out. This week, I will be sowing more seeds, ready for planting.

Our glasshouse has had a spring clean both inside and out so that too will be ready for planting soon.

Our big job for August was to harvest the turmeric. Once again lessons were learned about how to improve conditions for growing this amazing spice. This has been a journey over the last few years and the journey of learning will continue.

                                 turmeric 2021-433      

Our plant of the month has to be turmeric. This plant is not only visually stunning but is also jam-packed with goodies. Turmeric has been used for medicinal purposes for 4,000 years. In the western world it is perhaps best known for its anti-inflammatory properties. The active ingredient is curcumin. Click here to read a blog from the Ayurvedic College about turmeric.

Our turmeric is grown in our permaculture gardens. It is lovingly cared for throughout the growing season and harvested and processed manually, or should I say woman-ually! We use the turmeric in two products at this stage:

Turmeric cream: this is power packed with turmeric and we have had amazing results with people using it to reduce inflammation. I use it regularly to help reduce inflammation in my knuckles…yes I am getting to that age where arthritis is showing itself!

Ultra-mag: this is a combination of Pat’s miracle magnesium cream and turmeric. This is truly a fantastic product with the combined benefits that will help restore you magnesium levels while addressing inflammation. It is boosted with pure essential oils that help with relieving pain.

As with all our products, a little goes a long way, so we encourage you to use it regularly but sparingly. If you have any questions about either of these products, then please email

We can still supply your on line orders so go to to get your favourites, try something new or get a gift for someone.

We are also able to do contactless delivery in Katikati, including refilling your empty jars, so email Pat  if you are interested in this option. Pat and her family have been pruning their avocados so they have spare fruit. If you are in Katikati and place an order via email, we will include some avocados when we drop off while supply lasts. We apologise that we can only do this for our Katikati customers.

This months special is our UltraMag.  Save $5 when you use the code 357SRN76 valid until 30th September.

Finally, here is am image of the garden last year. Ah, doesn't it just make you think of warm days, salads and long's not far away!

                       2020 garden-912