June 2021

Welcome from Pat and Anne at Happy Horizons

Winter is well and truly up on us. The upside is the days are now getting longer.

We have made good progress this month and are now on Facebook. Yes, you read that right…we have finally done it.  We are learners though, so please be patient. It is a quantum leap for us. Please go and have a look, like us and share our posts to your contacts. And a big thank you to those of your who have already done so.   Let’s get the Happy Horizons message out there. We will keep the page updated with our whereabouts at markets and other musings.


This move is largely due to the Covid 19 lockdown last year. We have had to re-consider how we do things. We love being at the markets and meeting with our customers face to face; we all get to know each other better.

However, this is our livelihood and we needed to be dragged kicking and screaming into the 21st century! Thanks to our very good friend, Pip, for pushing us.  You can read about her amazing egg project here.

We really have been the Bay of Plenty of rain this month. The stream that runs through our place burst its banks on Sunday 20th June. We have lived here for 11 years and this is the first time it happened. You will be pleased to hear that the chickens were fine and continue to lay!


And as you can see the birds came out to forage when the rain stopped. This piwakawka, fantail, was undaunted and spent the breaks between the showers catching and eating insects.

fantail on apple tree

We have been sowing seeds for our herbs for the coming year. Calendula, chamomile and basil have all germinated. Over the next few weeks, we will pot them up and aim to have them in the ground by August. We will be able to start harvesting soon after that.


June’s Special Offer:  A free moisturising bar with any perfume purchased 

This month, we are showcasing one of our perfume blends, Serenity…ah just the word itself sounds soothing! Serenity is about being in a peaceful and calm state. Sounds appealing? Our Serenity perfume is a carefully selected blend of  premium essential oils formulated to help alleviate anxiety and stress.  Who doesn’t need that?  These are pretty popular with teenagers and adults alike. They fit discretely in a pocket.

Serenity 0

If you buy any perfume this month, you will receive a bonus sample moisturising bar. These bars are made of the same quality ingredients that we always use at Happy Horizons and are perfect for cracked heals or hands; in fact anywhere that you have a problem with cracked skin. In line with our underlying philosophy, these moisturising bars come with no label or added packaging. Planet Earth is important to us and we do what we can to reduce our impact upon the environment and the people. However, if you have ordered from us before, you will know we send all our orders out packed in untreated wood shavings, so we will pop the bars  in a wee bag to prevent the shavings from sticking to them.  If you like them, we will add them to our regular inventory on the website.  At the moment we just sell them through the markets.

Have a look at our range of products on the website and please like us and share on our Facebook page

Enjoy the sunshine and the rain!
Until next time, Pat and Anne