April 2021

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Pat and Anne of Happy Horizons welcome you to our first, monthly newsletter. At Happy Horizons we believe we all have a responsibility, through the choices we make everyday, to create a future where people and the environment are healthier. We believe that good health can and should be enjoyed at any age. 

We are purists. The plants are from our own gardens. Most of our products have 5 natural ingredients or less, all of which are ethically sourced and are:

  • palm oil-free
  • nano-particle-free
  • preservative-free
We do not use thickeners, binders or synthetic ingredients. Natural as!​​​​​

We invite you, your family and friends to join us on our journey to make the people and the environment happier and healthier. If this sounds like you, then please, keep reading and visit our website www.happyhorizons.co.nz

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Each month we will feature one of our products. This month we are looking at our most popular product, Magnesium Cream. Pat was the original Magnesium Cream lady in New Zealand, and possibly the world.  It was her painstaking research that brought this product to market.  There are now many other people making magnesium creams, but ours is the original, and we think we can probably claim it is still the best!  Beware of imitations.

Many people have sub-optimal levels of magnesium, an essential mineral for good health and well-being. It is essential to many of the body’s functions, including muscle function, heart health, brain health, sleep and mental health. We believe that using our Magnesium Cream regularly will help to replenish your tissue levels of magnesium.  We source pure, organic ingredients for our beautiful Magnesium Cream and we recommend it for:

  • improved sleep
  • muscle cramps
  • restless legs
  • lifting your mood
Go to www.happyhorizons.co.nz/magnesium-cream


From the garden

Nature grows most of the botanicals we use in our gardens. Anne’s garden was recently featured in the Go gardening magazine: www.gogardening.co.nz/in-the-garden/2-0-1666/treading-lightly Anne has been gardening here in the Western Bay of Plenty for 10 years, using permaculture principles

Each newsletter will feature a different plant from our garden. Today we will focus on Kawakawa.


Kawakawa grows naturally and abundantly here in the Western Bay of Plenty. It is a significant Rongoa (traditional Maori healing) plant. The whole plant is used for a variety of ailments to promote healing. Our kawakawa is harvested respectfully from our permaculture garden. We use the leaves and bark in our creams and shampoo.

Our kawakawa cream promotes wound healing, is helpful eczema, psoriasis and other skin complaints. It is safe to use on broken skin. www.happyhorizons.co.nz/kawakawa-cream

To celebrate our new website, first newsletter and Mother's Day, we will send out a gift when you purchase magnesium cream and kawakawa cream at the same time between 29th April and 9th May 2021.

Look out for our newsletter next month and remember to visit www.happyhorizons.co.nz

Nga mihi nui,

Pat and Anne



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