April 2022

Welcome to Happy Horizons April newsletter.

It has been a busy few weeks in the garden. We have been getting ready for planting garlic. Early you may think, given there is a "tradition" of planting on the shortest day and harvesting on the longest day

Welcome to Happy Horizons April newsletter.

It has been a busy few weeks in the garden. We have been getting ready for planting garlic. Early you may think, given there is a “tradition” of planting on the shortest day and harvesting on the longest day. This does not work here. Reason being is that fungal rust starts late November here. I have discovered that once the plants get this dreaded fungus they stop growing. We plant early so that the bulbs are fully formed by the time the rust kicks in. The rust also gets on onions and leeks. We try to avoid growing these crops in summer.

We have now got a good variety of winter veges in, including broccoli, rainbow chard, leeks, lettuce, red cabbage and cauliflower. Thanks to Kings Seeds! We are fortunate with the climate here with longer summers and shorter winters than many other places in Aotearoa.

Happy Horizons adopted an orphaned orang-utan, Happi, last year. We donate every month to Happi’s care at COP Borneo Ornagutan Rescue Centre, East Kalimantan. Happi arrived at the centre in August 2016. He wasn’t in good health and was quarantined as he had hepatitis and malaria. When Happi was introduced to other orang-utans he was very nervous. Now 6 years later he has improved significantly. He can be often difficult to monitor as he loves to be high up in the canopy. His progress will continue to be watched and hopefully when he is ready he will be released in to an island sanctuary, safe from poachers and deforestation.

For more information about Happi and his friends go to https://www.orangutan.org.nz/weblog/2022/04/06/happi/


For a few dollars a month, you too can contribute to the well-being of orang-utans. They are critically endangered as on-going deforestation and poaching threaten them. To learn more about this go to https://www.orangutan.org.nz/

There are many reasons humans deforest valuable forests. This is done with no regard for indigenous peoples, animals, plants or indeed the intrinsic value of the forest. Think of trees as the lungs of the planet. Creating oxygen and taking in carbon dioxide. The whole planet is dependent upon this. Including us off course. Yet we continue with destructive behaviour. According to Food and Agriculture Organisation of the United nations, since 1990 we have lost 420 million hectares of forest. Can you imagine what that looks like? Aotearoa is about 26.8 million hectares. This means that we have lost almost 16 times the size of Aotearoa of forest. This continues on a daily basis.

Palm oil is a major contributor to the destruction of forests. Palm oil is in numerous amounts of everyday products. We eat it. We put it on our skin. We burn it for fuel.

What can you do?

  • Find out more
  • Find out if you are contributing to the problem
  • Get to know what names are used for palm oil on labels
  • Become a label reader
  • Research
  • Talk about it
  • Let people know the impacts of our daily lives and how this does not bode well for the future of humanity and all of the other species. They are all helpless and need us to make our voice heard.

Here are some links to start with.





As you know at Happy Horizons, we care about people and planet. We do not use palm oil and never have and never will. At Happy Horizons we think about Happi, his mates of the forest and the future of people and planet. To learn more about us, go to https://www.happyhorizons.co.nz/about-us

Last month’s special has been so successful, we will continue it through to the end of May. We are getting very good feedback about this amazing product. You can get two 60g UltraMag for $45. This is an opportunity for you to stock up on your supply while giving one to someone else to try. Alternatively, if you are new to this product then go halves with someone and get two 60g for less than the price of a 120g. Helps pain and inflammation, smells great too. What’s not to like?



As Mother’s Day is coming up, we would like to remind you about our vouchers ranging from $25 to $100. A great gift for your special Mum which will let her choose something that she needs that is good for her health and well-being and kind to the planet.

voucher $25 for website-711


We continue to offer free shipping on all orders over $120 delivered in Aotearoa.

On another note, we would like to share this image of a bald hedgehog. Yes, you read that right, a bald hedgehog. Pat discovered it in her garden recently. Pat thinks it is cute. I am aware of the impact of hedgehogs on native creatures.

IMG 20220426 085726-972

More from nature. Check this photo out. A frog in a tree! Yes, that’s right, a frog in a tree. It was sitting about 30 cms away from paper wasp’s nest. Turns out frogs eat wasps. Yay, this makes us so happy. It could also explain why we see less wasps now. Since we moved here we have established ponds and introduced frogs. Every year we are seeing more and more frogs.

frog and wasps-651

A quick update on the markets. Pat will be at the Welcome Farmers market each week. Pop along to

Changepoint Church, 131 Poike Rd, Hairini. Pat will also be at the Katikati Produce market every other Friday.


I will continue to be at the Tauranga Farmers market every 3rd Saturday of the month.


As always, thank you for your support. We hope you find our newsletter interesting. We receive lots of feedback, so thank you. A big thank from me to those of you who wished a speedy recovery with my back. I am swimming a kilometre and walking up to a couple of times a week. So in good shape. I have to say UltraMag was integral in my speedy recovery. It helped with reducing inflammation and pain. Just get it I say.


Keep well and warn as we move into the colder seasons.