January 2022

Happy New Year to all our Happy Horizons customers. Thank you for your support over the last 12 months. We hope you have had a good break and are refreshed and ready for what 2022 has to offer.

We have been boogie boarding most days since Christmas. This, off course, came to a halt recently with the eruption of underwater volcano Hunga Tonga Hunga Ha'apai and Cyclone Cody threatened. Our thoughts go out to the people of Tonga. We went and had a look at the waves at Waihi beach and fortunately they were smaller than what was expected. We were sensible and stayed out of the water, opting instead to have fish and chips and be content with watching.


There has also been numerous sightings of great white sharks at Waihi Beach and in Tauranga Harbour! Eeek, what do we think about this? Well, it hasn’t stopped us boogie boarding but we always swim between the flags and keep an eye out. It’s worked so far.

We are back into the swing of things and are looking forward to a great year. While the weeds have gone bonkers in the garden, they haven’t taken over completely; although I am sure they are trying to! We are harvesting summer vegetables and fruit. It seems that it is not such a good year for fruit with apples, plums and peaches falling off the trees before they are ripe. Less for the birds I guess. We will have enough to make chutney for the year. This is something that I do every year as did my Mum and grandparents. It’s in my blood.

      fortune plums-929-326    sunflower-550

The sunflowers are stunning at the moment. As you can see from the photo, the bumble bees love them. Later on, I cut the heads and throw them to the chickens to eat up the seeds and I leave a few standing for the wild birds. Green finches in particular love them.

We have been harvesting basil and producing our Herbal Skin toner with basil. Basil is reportedly anti-inflammatory and anti-bacterial. Consequently, it can be used to help combat acne. Not only does this tone your skin it refreshes and uplifts your mind. I have read that it also has anti-aging properties. What’s not to like! This is our special for the month. This month only it is $19 for 125 ml bottle. It is freshly made as needed and comes in a handy glass spray bottle that is re-usable and recyclable. Apply this code 47gh7jn9 at checkout to get your $5 discount.

                                    basil toner-483


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As always thank you for your support and coming along on our journey to happy horizons for all!