July 2021

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The days getting noticeably longer and we are heading to the equinox on 21st September. This is a turning point in the year. As a gardener who is connected to the elements, I divide the year into four and am guided by this for sowing herb and vegetable seeds. The next few weeks we will be preparing for seed sowing for spring and summer crops.

As the days get longer and warmer, the volatile compounds of herbs increase. You may have noticed that the perennial herbs in your garden are not as fragrant during the winter as they are in summer.

kereruu 2

The kereru have been feasting on leaves from kowhai, houhere and tree lucerne. 

wax eyes and oranges

The tauhou have been eyeing up our citrus. I made them there own cafeteria and in return they provided us with some special visuals over breakfast. 

August will be a big month for Happy Horizons. We have lovingly grown and nurtured our turmeric crop and will be harvesting in August. Turmeric is an amazing plant and has been used for healing and culinary purposes for centuries. It has been used in Ayurvedic healing for over 2,500 years!

Our turmeric is grown in our permaculture garden, where the soil is alive with microbes and nutrients which enhance the growing conditions for plants and hence the quality of the harvest. Just turmeric, no sprays or inorganic fertilisers have been anywhere near our crop.

Our special offer for August is our amazing turmeric cream. This is the last of the cream from last year’s harvest. Our turmeric is processed for storage as soon as it is harvested, retaining its incredible properties. The anti-inflammatory properties will help soothe sore joints. It does come with a warning…..as it is rich in quality turmeric, it will stain clothing and bedding. This will come out if you wash in warm water. We recommend that you apply the cream to the inflammed area and leave uncovered for 15 minutes, then dab it with a tissue. You will find that after 15 minutes most of the turmeric, if not all, will have disappeared through your skin and in to the areas of your body that you need it - when your skin is dry to the touch, there is no staining.

This powerful turmeric cream will make a great gift for anyone suffering from localised inflammation, either from arthritis, surgery or injury.

Click here and use the coupon code below. Our special price is $20 saving you $8 per jar.  The offer is valid while stocks last or until the end of August.   


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