March 2022

It seems that summer has come to an end and we are now into Autumn. I think Spring and Autumn are my favourite times of year. Things are slowing down in the garden. I have started cutting things back in the hope that I get ahead of myself. Eternal optimism reigns supreme.

Hello to all our Happy Horizons customers.

It seems that summer has come to an end and we are now into Autumn. I think Spring and Autumn are my favourite times of year. Things are slowing down in the garden. I have started cutting things back in the hope that I get ahead of myself. Eternal optimism reigns supreme.

Our permaculture turmeric has done well this year. Tall and lots of leaves. We won’t know just how well it has done until we harvest later in the year. That is an exciting time as we don’t know until we start digging and those rhizomes of goodness show their face. As many of you will be aware turmeric has an amazing reputation for promoting health. This goes back for thousands of years.

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We currently use the turmeric in two of our products. 


Turmeric Cream:

Apologies for our monthly newsletter being later than usual. I do have an excuse. Socks and wet, polished concrete floors do not go together. Yes, I did already know this but must have forgotten it last weekend. That’s right, I slipped and landed, rather quickly, on my lower back. Ouch! I had previously suffered from a bruised sacrum/tail bone, which was also very painful and took many months to recover from. I was concerned, so got it x-rayed. No bone damage!

Due to my first aid approach, ie lying still with ice packs on the area for ages and the use of Happy Horizons UltraMag, the inflammation is limited and now 5 days later there is a small amount of residual pain. I have missed swimming and boogie boarding but will be back in the water next week. My happy place!

So with that in mind, Happy Horizons special for the month of April is our UltraMag. This is a combination of our famous Magnesium Cream and are almost as famous Turmeric cream with menthol and some essential oils added. UltraMag is a fabulous product and really does work wonders on aches and pains. As mentioned above, recommended by me, this should be in everyone’s first aid kit. Have a look at the reviews on our website and please submit a review if you have already discovered the power of Happy Horizons UltraMag.


We have launched our 60g UltraMag. Until 30th April 2022 you can get 2 x 60g UltraMag for $45. Just select the option from the drop down box on the web site. This means that you can try one for yourself and gift one to someone else.

As I started the newsletter with my update on the season, I better add a reminder that daylight saving ends this coming weekend, so enjoy an extra hour in bed.

As always, any questions about Happy Horizons or our products, please email

I worked for many years with all sectors of the community on projects about reducing waste to landfill. So the power of worms and what they can do for the organic waste problem, is very close to my heart. However, I would like to stress that I believe that one of the ways forward is for all of us to think carefully about what we are buying, where it has come from, how long it will last and what happens to it after we have finished with it. We all impact the environment and we can all make choices to reduce our own impact. We want a safe and bright future for generations to come, so let’s all do what we can and use less stuff! Well enough of me. I could write a book on that topic.

I do have a small worm farm at home but don’t produce enough castings for my crops. If you are in Katikati you can get MyNoke vermicompost from Grow On Katikati. Email Gizzy on for more information. Grow on Katikati is a great community led development project, which is actively sharing skills and knowledge around growing food. Every town should have such an organisation. See their Facebook page for more information:

To learn more about community led development go to Grow On Katikati is currently funded by Department of Internal Affairs through Katikati Taiao.

As I mentioned in the last newsletter, MyNoke vermicompost is one of the regular inputs for my crops. In response to this, the staff at MyNoke are running a special for Happy Horizons customers. They have provided the following information with the offer. Keep reading to learn more about MyNoke and their offer.


Thank you for your support

From Pat and Anne, the Happy Horizons team



MyNoke operates the world’s largest Vermicomposting (Earthworm farming) business with 3 billion ‘slippery’ employees on the payroll. We started with a bucket of worms and a big idea 15 years ago and have worked towards achieving a milestone last year of diverting one million tonnes of Organic Waste from landfill … that’s something we are very proud of!


We are a fast-growing company, with 4 farms in the North Island, and currently expanding into other areas to reach 18 farms across all regions of NZ. Our vision is to help NZ be truly free of Organic Waste in landfill and to divert 1 million tonnes per year of Organic Waste from landfills by 2025.


Our HQ is based in beautiful Taupo which is the perfect central location as a hub for our North Island farms and sites. The name ‘Noke’ means Earthworm in Te Reo Maori which is where our name originated from. Today MyNoke produces quality products and services that significantly helps people and organisations to improve our natural environment while remaining cost effective.

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We love to bring people together! As well as the environment, our community is also very important to us. We focus and invest both in time and financially into supporting and educating our community. We present to many special interest groups such as Rotary, Lions, Garden Groups, Sustainability Associations, and of course many schools and education facilities teaching the circular economy of the ‘Soil to Soil’ cycle. MyNoke recently launched a school and organisation fundraising program where our vermicast products can be on-sold as a lucrative fundraiser opportunity that people love!


Organic Waste Collection

We are very proud to be working in partnership with councils, manufacturers, hotels, venues, cafés/restaurants, corporate offices and many other organisations that produce organic waste (food, vegetation, biosolids, paper or cardboard waste). We take it off their hands, offering an all-natural, environmentally sensitive disposal arrangement as an alternative to landfill.

The waste is picked up and processed at one of our regional Wormfarm Sites where billions of hungry worms reduce the volume by about 80% to create the rich, valuable natural resource of vermicast. This then is applied by farmers, growers and gardeners to their land enriching their soil and enhancing plant growth.


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Enriching Soils

MyNoke works with and helps farmers and growers to be more efficient while environmentally focussed. Agreed by many to be one of the best additives for enhancing the ability of soil to cope with drought, fight pests and disease, while improving plant growth and general health, it is loved by many throughout the country.

Whether you are a backyard garden enthusiast, a landscaper, horticulturist or a large-scale farmer, the end-product is a nutrient-rich soil enhancer available in solid or liquid form.


​So, if you want to reduce your organic waste, be educated on sustainability, improve your soil and plant growth, or needing an environment friendly fundraising idea, we can help! We even sell worms!



MyNoke is delighted to offer all readers the following special on our vermicast products:

15% discount from our product range.


Bulk vermicast at $15+GST per tonne (screened to 20mm) plus transport

For all Happy Horizons discount orders, email with Subject: HappyHorizons Special or phone 027 554 9400. (Please note this is a different Anne and not Anne from Happy Horizons!)