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Spring, frogs and Pīpīwharauroa (shining cuckoo) and more...


Spring has sprung here in the beautiful Western Bay of Plenty. The trees are bursting with blossoms and leaf, the frogs are starting to arrive in our pond and the birds are doing their spring thing. We will soon hear the flutter of little wings. One of my favourites is pīpīwharauroa, shining cuckoo.


Pīpīwharauroa are an interesting bird. They spend the winter in the Solomon Islands and Papua New Guinea and fly 4,500 kilometres to Aotearoa New Zealand to breed. They seem to always arrive here just prior to the equinox on 21st September. Maori welcomed the bird with whakataukī (proverb):

“Ka tangi te wharauroa, ko nga karere a Mahuru”

Meaning “if the shining cuckoo cries, it is the messenger of spring”

They are parasitic birds, in that they lay a single egg in the nest of the riroriro or grey warbler. A pīpīwharauroa is 4 times the weight of a riroriro so they make quite a site seeing a tiny bird desperately finding enough food for a fledgling pīpīwharauroa. The good news is that the riroriro will lay more eggs after the pīpīwharauroa has left home.

                                          cuckoo and grey warbler-929-709

The temperature is definitely warming up and we haven’t lit the fire for the last 3 weeks. What this means is that the garden has shifted into spring mode. We are getting vegetable seedlings into the garden and getting seeds going. It is my favourite time of year I think! Off course the weeds are germinating and growing. I don’t call them weeds but call them either chicken food or future soil.

We have our first beautiful batch of the new season’s calendula flowers, which we will make into our amazing calendula cream which will keep your skin in beautiful condition.  As many of you already know, this cream is light enough for your face yet moisturising enough for even the driest hands.  And for those of you on a budget, we have a few jars of seconds for $25.  These are only available by email, so contact Pat for further information on pat@happyhorizons.co.nz

Our product of the month is our package-free shampoo bars. We have a fundamental philosophy around environment and people. We minimise waste wherever we can, so if, like us, you are looking for zero-waste solutions, you might fall in love with our shampoos bars.  They lather beautifully and leave hair feeling wonderful... and as an extra bonus, they make beautiful soap for the rest of you.  https://www.happyhorizons.co.nz/shampoo-bars

We also wanted to let you know that the Tauranga Farmers Market is reviewing its Policy for operating under Level 2. The proposed changes may impact on our ability to serve our customers.  So if you are planning a trip to the Tauranga Farmers Market, please check with Pat (pat@happyhorizons.co.nz) or on our facebook page before Saturday.

As always, we appreciate your custom. If you have any questions please don’t hesitate to get in touch. Also please review our products either on our website or on google.

Keep healthy and well and enjoy the warmer weather and know Summer isn’t far away.





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