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Happy Horizons is the original magnesium cream, and we believe it is the best. Pat calls this her ‘miracle’ cream. Research has found that many people are magnesium and sulphur deficient. The absorption of magnesium and sulphur through the skin is  very effective. Our magnesium cream is an excellent choice for those wanting to avoid oral supplements.  Our cream is very helpful for people suffering from restless legs, cramps, anxiety, many skin conditions, sore muscles, trouble sleeping and many more common health complaints. It is also a great moisturiser. 

Choose Happy Horizons Magnesium cream with essential oil of lavender to get the added benefit of lavender.

What Happy Horizons customers are saying about our Magnesium Cream

Geoff M., Auckland
Having used the magnesium cream for a few months I have been very impressed at the results.  I have tried many forms of oral Magnesium with no tangible benefit and sometimes unwanted side effects.  The Happy Horizons Magnesium Sulphate gives me relief from symptoms of low magnesium very quickly if applied once or twice a day consistently. Given that Magnesium is required for so many important functions in the body, I am very pleased to have found this product and would not be without it.

Gina M., North Canterbury

I purchased a jar of the extra strength organic magnesium cream when I was on holiday in Mt Maunganui earlier this year. .. it really has been a life changer for me. . I feel like a new person and having no migraines allows me to run my business and live life without the constant worry of unpredictable migraines which would leave me sick in bed for up to 5 days. 



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User Reviews

There are: 13 reviews, with an average rating of 4.9 out of 5
I have been using this
Magnnnesium cream to help with fibrommyalgia and as an afterbalm for my toddler for some time now. I find it very gentlle and effective, compared to other products that can be harsh on my skin. Grateful to have foud something that helps and great to support local/NZ business!
Posted by Naomi on 2021-04-29 13:09:53
This cream is more than great. It is one of the first produces from Happy horizon I used. During my pregnancy I had $a lot of cramp and I could not sleep. This cream that is safe for pregnant women (quite rare) makes all the difference.
Highly recommended
Posted by Sleep saver on 2021-04-29 14:51:15
The creams consistency is so smooth and rich and rubs in well while you feel it nourishing your skin. It keeps me topped up with magnesium sufficiently to stop leg cramps from muscle overuse. Thanks
Posted by Emma Sandford on 2021-04-30 12:55:58
I use this cream daily as the body needs magnesium for so many functions. It is lovely on your skin, so smooth and not too oily. Great product! Wouldn't use any other! O
Posted by Angela on 2021-05-02 10:18:37
This magnesium cream has been a life changer. No more leg cramps or restless legs. After years of trying everything, including oral supplements, this is the one that actually works. What a relief! Thank you for making a product that not only works but is also good for my body 🤗
Posted by Jan Sanderson on 2021-05-10 07:08:45
I have found this magnesium cream to be really helpful with foot cramp and restless legs. I have used it for a month and am very happy with the product and would purchase more.
Posted by Judy on 2021-05-12 14:42:31
I suffer regularly from restless legs and despite taking magnesium tablets for a long time find that happy horizons cream is the only thing I can rely on to prevent the legs jumping about and let me sleep!
Posted by Liz on 2021-05-15 13:42:11
I have been using this product for a few weeks now and find it is great to use as a sleeping aid. I put a small amount on the inside of my wrists and gently rub in and I fall asleep way more quickly than I did before using this cream. My husband has had amazing results from this cream to ease the almost daily pain he suffers from shingles on the side of his face. Since 2014 he has tried many lotions, oils and creams but nothing gave him the relief he gets from the magnesium cream. He carries some everywhere he goes and when he feels the pain and stinging associated with shingles coming on he applies a small amount to his face. I am so pleased that at last he has found a product that is natural and works so well for him. This cream is an amazing product.
Posted by Eileen on 2021-05-19 08:28:34
Me and all of my girl friends use it to prevent menstrual cramps! You can notice the difference the moment you use it two o three times. The first time I used it during my period I was experiencing terrible pains, a friend gave me a jar and I rubbed the cream on my belly every two hours. After just three applications the pain stopped. It is magic. And if you use it regularly completely takes the menstrual pains away.
Posted by First kid essential on 2021-05-23 11:49:47
I've been using this cream for many months now and find it instantly effective for inflammation on my knee resulted from a medical adventure caused from an operation that failed.
I also find having magnesium rubbed on my skin helps me relax therefore sleep better.
Posted by Trish on 2021-05-30 08:55:53
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