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The original Magnesium Cream and Happy Horizons

Written by Anne on December 23rd, 2021.      1 comments

Happy Horizons NZ made “Mag Cream” is the original Magnesium Cream, made with carefully sourced organic ingredients. They say that imitation is the best form of flattery, so we are flattered there are now other magnesium creams on the market. But we suspect other makers haven’t done all the research that we did, and they may not know everything we know. So we believe ours if the most effective and safest magnesium cream that it is possible to make. And we believe it is the best choice money can buy.

                                                         Magnesium cream cropped-min-953

Who would benefit from our cream? Well, probably most people. It is safe during pregnancy and for babies. Most of us have sub-optimal levels of magnesium, and many of us are deficient with actual clinical symptoms (eg. restless legs, sleeplessness, menstrual cramps, anxiety, cramps, sore muscles). There are many factors contributing to this:

  • Most of our soils are now mineral depleted, due to decades of commercial food production and the almost universal use of glyphosate, which binds minerals and makes them bio-unavailable. If it’s not in the soil then it’s not in the food. Back in the 1930s, Weston Price was already lamenting the significant decline in the mineral content of vegetables compared to the 1900s, so you can imagine how much more depleted our greens are now compared to the 1930s. This is a significant contribution to high prevalence of chronic diseases. We recommend you choose permaculture grown veggies over organic.
  • Alcohol consumption increases the magnesium excreted from the body, so if you do enjoy the occasional drink, it can be helpful to apply the magnesium cream before you drink, so you ‘pre load’ so to speak.
  • New varieties of plants (usually F1 hybrids) have been selected for their desirable commercial traits, not their nutritional content. There is research showing that some newer varieties of fruit and vegetables are unable uptake certain minerals. So we advocate heritage varieties over F1 hybrids. We advocate growing what food you can. If you don’t have a garden, then consider growing micro-greens which are nutrient dense and take up very little room. You can grow them on the kitchen bench. Kings Seeds have a great range.
  • Exposure to electromagnetic fields (EMF) increases the body’s need for magnesium, and we are now living in a soup of different radiofrequencies, so it is even harder to obtain adequate magnesium from our diet.

As with all our products a little goes a long way, glass packaging is reusable or recyclable. In short it is kind to people and planet.

We have lots of reviews from happy customers on our website; here are a couple of comments:

This cream is more than great. It is one of the first produces from Happy horizon I used. During my pregnancy I had a lot of cramp and I could not sleep. This cream that is safe for pregnant women (quite rare) makes all the difference.
Highly recommended

This magnesium cream has been a life changer. No more leg cramps or restless legs. After years of trying everything, including oral supplements, this is the one that actually works. What a relief! Thank you for making a product that not only works but is also good for my body

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Carmel says ...
I have used this cream religiously every night for over a year and can highly recommend it.
It certainly aids my sleep and I never miss a night.
I apply it to my wrists, and I am sure it has helped with my osteoarthritic fingers - any inflammation has long gone.
I would highly recommend Healthy Horizons Magnesium Cream to anyone considering using it.