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For the Purists

Our products are for the purists. Our raw materials are unprocessed; our oils are all organic, raw, cold-pressed; our beeswax is unrefined, locally sourced, and fluvalinate-free. To avoid the need for preservatives, we make everything fresh in small batches. Our ingredients are all ethically sourced and free from palm-oil (and palm-oil derivatives). We use the highest purity salts and premium raw ingredients. Our products are free from all nano-technology, preservatives, thickeners, fillers, binders, synthetic ingredients and even plant 'extracts'. The plants we do use, including kawakawa, calendula, turmeric, comfrey and nettles, are all grown in our permaculture, nutrient-rich, spray-free garden and are freshly harvested as required. If there is any doubt, we leave it out.

Pat's Story

In 2011, Pat experienced some significant health issues. As she began researching ways to regain optimum health, she became increasingly concerned about the toxic potential of many common ingredients used in commercial toiletries. She discovered there is no mandatory safety testing for ingredients used in personal care products, and our skin, once thought to act as a barrier, is in fact able to absorb much of what is put on it (which is why hormone patches and nicotine patches work). So her journey into healthier products began.

Pat's background embraces both the sciences and the arts. She has a BSc (Hons) in Genetics and Cell Biology. Before continuing with formal science education, Pat chose to study the liberal arts, and completed a Masters in Anthropology, introducing her to a spiritual dimension and a much broader cultural framework which continues to shape her world view. Having completed her MA, she was awarded a full scholarship for Doctoral studies in Genetics at the School of Medicine at the University of Pennsylvania, USA, a highly regarded member of the 'Ivy League' universities. She brought the rigour developed during her formal scientific education to the research and development of Happy Horizons products.

Lots of products claim to be healthy and plant-based, but the more we learn about how plant-derived materials are processed and refined to make them suitable for large-scale manufacturing, the more concerning it becomes. Pat reached a point were it was impossible to find products she was happy to use, even so called organic ones. The only way forward was to make her own.

Initially, she made soap and shampoo for her own use. She started experimenting and sharing the resulting products with friends and family. After some very encouraging feedback, Pat decided to share the benefits of her knowledge and skill more widely and in 2015 the sun rose on Happy Horizons.

Anne's Story

Anne has always been connected to nature and is concerned about human impact upon the environment. She has a passion for social justice and an equitable society. She works on community development projects and her vision for the local community and indeed all communities around the world is that communities are inclusive, resilient and peoples' needs are met so that everyone has the opportunity to reach their potential.

Anne happily shares knowledge and skills about environmental and social issues with anyone who will listen. She has a formal background in environmental education and over the years has educated thousands of people from pre-schoolers to our most senior citizens, about why reducing waste is so important and offering practical ideas of how we can all make a difference by making some small changes in our daily lives.

True to her philosophy of respect for the environment and we are what we eat, Anne has grown her own food for over 30 years. Food that is lovingly grown, in nutrient-dense soils and harvested when needed, is the best that you can eat, with optimum nutritional potential. Healthy food, healthy body, healthy mind.

This holistic view has included the impact on human health and the environment of the myriad of products that are liberally applied to skin without a thought to where the product has come from, the impact upon the health and well-being of the environment and people.

Anne began making creams for friends and family over 30 years ago. She initially was motivated by health but also living on a tight budget. She has experimented with many products over the years and is convinced that when it comes to what you put on your skin, less is best and as close to natural as is possible.

All these streams link together highlighting what Anne believes are the most important aspects of the world today: Social equity, recognition and acceptance of indigenous cultures, protection of the environment and people first. She believes that grass roots development is the way forward for communities to address the issues that they face.