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Thinking about Skin

Written by Pat on May 12th, 2021.      5 comments

Be kind to the skin you are in

At Happy Horizons, skin is very important to us. We love skin. We think skin is amazing. And we want to help you look after it. So let’s talk about skin and organic products.

Skin is so much more than a wrapping around our body which keeps out pathogens. This is how it was thought off until recently. We now know that our skin is semi-permeable. In other words, it can and does absorb chemicals, taking chemicals from the outermost layer through the deeper layers and into your blood and lymph system.
Skin CC-718

If you are sceptical ask yourself ‘how do hormone replacement patches and nicotine patches work?’ The hormones and nicotine must go through the skin or the patches wouldn’t work. What about oestrogen creams and any of the other drugs than are now being administered using skin patches?
Patch contraceptif-748
We KNOW for sure that chemicals go through the skin into the body. But even knowing this, there are still no requirements for manufactures to do any safety testing whatsoever on the chemicals used in personal care products (like deodorants, toothpaste, shampoo, creams etc). You might want to read that sentence again, just to make sure you understand …. there are no mandatory safety tests for any chemicals used in personal care products. Is anyone else surprised by this? Keep this in mind when you read product labels.

There are some voluntary guidelines for safety testing chemicals, but in our view these are inadequate, focussing mostly on short term exposures in healthy people. According to the EWG, (, less than 15% of the thousands of ingredients used in personal care products have undergone any kind of safety testing at all. Are you surprised by this?

organic-788You may think that organically certified products are safe. You pay much more for them so they must OK, right? Well, what exactly does the organic certification really mean? Did you know that ecocert organic products are allowed to have up to 5% non-organic plant material? So while this is an improvement over 100% non-organic products, it still allows nasty pesticide residues to be present in organically certified products. Are you surprised by this?

And did you know that ecocert also permits the use of some synthetic ingredients? Benzyl alcohol is a ecocert permitted preservative, yet the Material Data Safety Sheet on benzyl alcohol notes that it is a skin irritant, potentially causing redness and pain, as well as an eye irritant. Prolonged or repeated exposure can cause allergic contact dermatitis. Surprised?
1280px-Benzyl alcohol2
According to the Ecocert website, their preservative-free additive Phenethyl alcohol is “judged safe for use in cosmetics to 1.0 %.” So what happens if you use a lot of the product containing this additive? Or if you use two or more different products each containing 1% of this additive?

At Happy Horizons we would rather use ingredients known to be safe at any concentration.

Remember, there are no mandatory safety tests and it could take years before any evidence of harm comes to light.

So we believe that it isn’t good enough just to avoid a few known nasties. If you have sensitive skin, try our unscented products which contain only a few carefully sourced ingredients which are generally regarded as safe at any concentration. Why take the risk?




Emna says ...
I am not completely surprise by those information, but even if you know that organic produces are allowed to have 5% of none organic ingredients, you don’t think about the total amount of non organic ingredients you get at the end of the day.
It is great that you don’t use preservative. It shows that you care more about people health than main steam standard.
Skin is so important and you are right we often forget about it and just see skin as beauty “accessory” and not as an essential part of our self.

Thank you for that article.
Nicki McLeay says ...
I have always used products that do not contain nasties and so was skeptical of trying happy horizons shampoo..but wow. It's simply so good for my scalp and hair. When I ran out I bought an expensive 'scalp doctor' made replacement that made my scalp irritated. I cannot speak more highly of these shampoos...made with care love and passion all of which my body can feel. Highly recommend them.
Rani says ...
Hello to all you nature loving people. I have been using Happy Horizons shampoo for over a year now and have found it to be amazing !!! I have very fine hair and not only does it give volume to the hair but it is gentle
on my scalp, it also lasts for ages as you only need a small amount, even if you had thick hair the same would
I will only use Pat and Annes shampoo and I am going to try more of their products because I have faith in their experience with natural health care, you just have to see their newsletter to see how they live and the quality
of the plants & herbs they are growing, we are so blessed to have such a resource available so forget the supermarket
brands that have so many nasty chemicles and try Happy Horizons, you will be so happy you did.
The ladies Pat and Anne are lovely like their products and will look after you,
Happy health care everyone :) z0h
Kate says ...
Love your deodorants (both winter and summer). I’ve had lots of rashes previously with other deodorants but these are so kind on my skin and have a lovely subtle scent, not at all overpowering. I have been using the magnesium cream too for cramps in my calves and it’s a life saver! Massaging it in relieves the cramps in minutes and keeps them away too. Really really grateful for your wonderful products Pat and Anne.
Jenny McMahon says ...
Thanks so much Pat and Anne for wonderful products. I have tried the magnesium cream and found it very helpful in getting to sleep and of course great for cramp. I also bought the kawakawa cream and Jojoba oil for my husband's eczema and extremely dry skin - it is helping keep it under control. It is great to know that these products are so pure - they really do contain just what they say they do! You are always so helpful and a delight to do business with.