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Happy hair with Happy Horizons

Written by Anne on December 17th, 2021.      0 comments

Have you ever thought about what happens when you shampoo your hair?
Click here to find out about the ingredients in many commercial shampoos and click here to find our more about how what you put on your skin goes through your skin and into you body. Have a look at the ingredients on the shampoo that you currently use. Do you know what all the ingredients are? Do you want them in your body, where they will accumulate over time?

At Happy Horizons, we care about people and planet. This isn't just something that we say as it's good for business. This is something that sits deep within us and how we live our lives. Anne has been a campaigner for the environment for over 20 years and works on community development projects in our local community.
So with this in mind, our shampoo is made with as few ingredients as possible. 5. Yes that's right 5 ingredients. These are carefully sourced, organic ingredients. The herbs that we use we grow in our permaculture garden in nutrient dense soils and NO SPRAYS. We harvest our herbs as we need them. 

Calendula and Chamomile with a hit of lemon: use to bring out the best in fair hair, conditioning and moisturising. Click here
Calendula chamomile shampoo-733-908

Kawakawa: soothes itchy scalps. Recommended for people with eczema or psoriasis on their scalp, dandruff or other skin conditions. It is also extra conditioning for people who have damaged or treated hair (eg coloured, heat damaged etc) re Click here to go to webpage

Kawakawa shampoo-789
Shampoo bars: our shampoo bottles are recyclable but we have created a shampoo bar with zero packaging. They lather well, are gentle and even good for the men in your life and their beards.

 Click here to go to webpage
shampoo bar-913
We even have your pooches sorted. Our shampoo for dogs is very popular with dogs and their humans. It is tested on humans so safe as. Click here to treat your pooch
dog shampoo